INTRODUCTION De | Laat | Foto offers over 30 years of photographic experience! Specialties are motorsport and travel photography. There are numerous recent publications on classic racing where we have provided both text and photography. Other recent projects include various business and event presentations as well as photography for travel magazines and books on India.

OUR WORK De | Laat | Foto maintains a huge photo archive that contains material on most participants of classic racing events. This is not all on line yet, but if you are looking for particular material let us know. Some examples of recent events with extensive coverage:
2015: Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or (Fra), Spa Classic (Bel), Classic Days Schloss Dyck (Ger), Classic Wings & Wheels (NL), Oldtimer Grand Prix (Ger)
2014: Spa Classic (Bel), Le Mans Classic (Fra), OGP (Ger), Schloss Dyck (Ger)

2013: Classic Days Schloss Dyck (Germany) ; Spa Classic (Belgium) ; OGP (Germany)
2012: Oldtimer Grand Prix (OGP) – Nürburgring (Germany) ; Spa Six Hours (Belgium)

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CONTACT US De | Laat | Foto works worldwide.
To contact us, please drop us an e-mail at info@delaatfoto.nl .